Black Rabbit: A Taste of Elegance and History

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In the heart of historic Printer’s Alley, Black Rabbit emerges as a sophisticated oasis for both locals and visitors. This elegant establishment, which opened its doors in November 2017, has quickly garnered acclaim for its creative cocktail offerings and refined small plate selections. More than just a dining experience, Black Rabbit offers a journey into the roaring twenties era, encapsulated within a century-old building that resonates with the city’s rich history.

The History of Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit’s journey began with the vision of Trey Cioccia, known for his work at The Farm House. His concept was to create a space that not only served delectable food and drinks but also paid homage to Nashville’s historic charm. This vision came to life in a building over a century old, with a rich history that includes being the former law office of Tommy Osborn, Jimmy Hoffa’s attorney. This storied past adds an intriguing narrative to every visit, making Black Rabbit not just a dining spot but a place steeped in local lore​​​​.

Interior of Black Rabbit in Nashville

Whether it’s for a classy evening downtown or a casual gathering with friends, the restaurant’s setting provides the perfect backdrop. The live music, integral to Nashville’s identity, adds an extra layer of enjoyment, making every visit memorable​​​​.

Vintage Charm Meets Modern Flair

Upon entering Black Rabbit, guests are immediately immersed in an atmosphere that marries vintage elegance with contemporary style. The interior boasts a range of seating options, from cozy sofas to high-top tables and booths, catering to various dining preferences. The walls are adorned with diverse artwork, including a noteworthy mirrored piece from the old Brass Stables gentlemen’s club, adding a touch of Nashville’s past. Key features like original exposed brick, a lounge area complete with board games, and parlor-style live music, further enhance the charm of this unique spot​​.

Externally, Black Rabbit is a discreet yet inviting presence, located just a street away from the bustling Printer’s Alley. The entrance, marked by a black gate at 218 3rd Avenue North, leads to a quaint patio, offering an intimate outdoor experience amidst the urban landscape​​.

Exploring the Menu

Black Rabbit’s menu is a testament to the culinary prowess of its chef Garrett O’Shea, offering a blend of American cuisine with a creative twist. The small plates concept encourages diners to explore a variety of dishes, making each meal an exploratory experience. From the rabbit sliders, which have become a customer favorite, to the meticulously prepared ribeye, the menu caters to a broad range of tastes and preferences.

Wood-Fired Grill

Dinner at Black Rabbit in Printer's Alley, Nashville

At the heart of Black Rabbit’s culinary appeal is its open kitchen, featuring a wood-fired grill where chefs expertly prepare a variety of roasted meats, fish, vegetables, and fire-baked breads. The emphasis on shareable small plates allows diners to embark on a diverse gastronomic adventure.

Rabbit Sliders

A standout dish that has captured the hearts of many is the rabbit sliders. These small yet flavorful delights perfectly encapsulate Black Rabbit’s approach to cuisine – innovative, refined, and deeply satisfying. The use of rabbit meat, not commonly found in many American eateries, adds an exotic touch to the menu, appealing to adventurous food enthusiasts.

Creative Cocktails

Black Rabbit’s bar program is a treasure trove of creative cocktails. The carefully curated selection of wines and beers, many of which are available on draft, complements the innovative spirit of the cocktail menu. This commitment to quality and creativity makes Black Rabbit not just a dining destination but also a go-to spot for connoisseurs of fine drinks.

A Happy Hour Haven

Big salad at Black Rabbit

Black Rabbit has been voted the best Happy Hour spot in Nashville, a testament to its exceptional drink offerings and the inviting ambiance of the establishment. This accolade is just one of the many recognitions the restaurant has received, highlighting its excellence in both food and beverage sectors.

Black Rabbit’s innovative approach to dining has made a significant impact on Nashville’s food scene. By blending historical charm with modern culinary trends, the restaurant has set a new standard for eateries in the city. Its success serves as an inspiration for other establishments, driving culinary innovation and diversity in the local food industry.

Experience Black Rabbit

In summary, Black Rabbit in Nashville is not just a restaurant, but a journey through time and taste. It offers a unique blend of history, elegance, and culinary innovation. Its location in the historic Printer’s Alley combined with its 1920s-era charm creates a balance that makes Black Rabbit an essential stop for those seeking to experience Nashville.

Whether you’re there for the acclaimed Happy Hour, to savor the signature rabbit sliders, or to immerse yourself in the live music and roaring twenties ambiance, Black Rabbit promises an experience that captivates all the senses.

Restaurant Hours

Monday – Thursday: 4PM – 11PM
Friday: 4PM – 12:30AM
Saturday: 4PM – 12:30AM
Sunday: CLOSED

Brunch Hours

Saturday: 10:30AM – 2PM

Happy Hour

Monday-Friday: 4PM – 6PM
Saturday 10:30AM – 6PM

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Phone: (615) 891-2380

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